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Rubo Medical Imaging started developing viewers for display of digital images back in 1991 in cooperation with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam - the Netherlands.
The Erasmus University Rotterdam was the first to experiment with digital images (1991) asking Rubo Medical Imaging to provide a viewer.
Different versions for different operating systems resulted in the powerful viewer we provide today, a DICOM image viewer, capable of displaying all DICOM images/films.

Due to a long and practical experience, Rubo Medical Imaging has great knowledgehow to view medical images and films. The evaluation of our product is done in several Hospitals and Corelabs around the world, using network, standalone and laptop systems, Windows only. The product is based on practical experience.

  • 25+ years of programming experience of which 20 years in medical software.
  • Extensive knowledge of the DICOM standard.
  • Due to structure of company, the firm is able to react very quickly to newdevelopments, adaptation time is short (days, not weeks or months).
  • Constant contact with the medical world/users