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The Rubo DICOM Viewer is a professional viewer, allowing you to bring medical images to your own desk. The low cost viewer runs on any standard Windows PC and, connected to a network/internet, is a very powerful tool for DICOM image and film (re-)viewing.

  • PC based, Windows® XP/Vista/7
  • Supports DICOM 3.0
  • Supports all DICOM modalities, lossy and lossless Jpeg and RLE compression
  • Reads DICOM CDs from any manufacturer
  • DICOM SCP, receive mode
  • DICOM push/send
  • DICOM query and retrieve
  • Overview display of CD or network contents
  • Able to handle large cardiac (1000+ images) runs, IVUS files (4000+ images) etc.
  • Multipatient functionality
  • Can be used within patient databases from any hospital, integrating the software with existing systems or used as stand-alone viewer
  • Burn DICOM CDs including a limited CD viewer
  • Single- and dual monitor support in Windows® XP/Vista/7
  • Parallel viewing of runs and/or images
  • Export of images to clipboard, bitmap, tiff, jpeg, jpeg2000, raw, DICOM or WMV
  • Scene cutting for optimal timing and database cleanup
  • Ideal for teleconsulting
  • Biplane display
  • Stack viewing
  • Brightness/contrast control
  • Real-time image enhancement
  • Zooming and panning
  • Distance and area measurement, angles
  • Calibration tool
  • Display of overlays or curves
  • Printing images
  • Screen-fit to display large images (f.e. thorax)
  • Auto-stretch for optimal dynamic publishing and viewing
  • Mouse controlled, no keyboard needed
  • On-line help

Download the free demo of the DICOM Viewer.
Download the free DICOM parser + anonymizer.