DICOM Anonymizer interface and usage explanation


Follow these steps to anonymize DICOM files, either specific files or folders:
1. Select A) a folder to scan for DICOM files to anonymize (check box to include subfolders) -or-
          B) add one or more files for anonymization -or-
          C) drag and drop a folder in the anonymizer window -or-
          D) drag and drop selected file(s) in the anonymizer window.
2. Select a destination folder. If selected, all anonymized DICOM files will be stored there.
                                If not selected, all anonymized files are stored in the folder of each
                                original DICOM file.
3. If you want to replace the patient ID in all DICOM files with a pseudonym, check 'Patient ID' and
   fill in the pseudonym.
4. Set the advanced options if needed.
5. Press the 'START ANONYMIZING' button.

The message window and progress bars will indicate the anonymization progress and display error and
regular messages. If you have a license of the 'Rubo DICOM viewer', this anonymization tool is included
and integrated.
See the arguments section below, how to automate and/or integrate the DICOM anonymizer with your software.


 'Anonymize folders'
Click the 'ANONYMIZE FOLDERS' area to activate anonymization of a folder. Select a source folder by clicking
the 'Select source folder' button, choose the correct folder and press 'Select folder'. No filenames are shown
in the browse window during source folder selection. You can also drag and drop a source folder. To include
all subfolders of the source folder, check the 'Search all subfolders' option.

 'Anonymize file(s)'
Click the 'ANONYMIZE FILE(S)' area to activate anonymization of one or more files. Add files by clicking
the 'Add file(s)' button. Select one or more files and press 'Open' to confirm. You can select more than
1 file in the browse window, by using the CTRL and/or SHIFT buttons while choosing filenames. It's also
possible to drag and drop one ore more filenames. The selected files are displayed in the 'Selected files'
list. Clear the selected files list by pressing the 'Clear' button.
 'Destination folder'
Check 'Destination folder same as source file(s)' to store all anonymized files in the same folder as the
source file. When this option is UN-checked, you have to choose a folder in which all anonymized files will
be stored. Press the 'Select destination folder' button to do so.
The Destination folder setting is stored separately for anonymization of folder or files.

Check 'Patient ID' and enter a new patient ID. All anonymized files will have the patient ID replaced.
The ID may not hold the backslash '\' character.

'Advanced Options'
 Replace UIDs:
   Check to replace all UIDs in tag with VR 'UI'. The original and replacement UIDs are stored in a ini-file
   (see below for the location) to maintain references between SOP instances. Delete this ini-file to
   destroy the references between SOP instances for future anonymizations. See the argument section for 
   usage of different ini-files.
 Private tags:
   Check to clear private tags. Private tags have odd group numbers and are used by different manufacturers
   in different ways. The data of a private tag is destroyed or the tag is removed.
 Curve data:
   Check to clear curve data. Curve data is stored in tags with group numbers 50XX and may hold audio data.
   The data of curve tags is destroyed or the tags are removed.
 Anonymized filename:
   Check to add text to add to the new destination filename. Choose to add to the beginning or end of the
   new filename. If the desination file already exists, it will NOT be overwritten; a number will be added
   to the new filename to store it next to the existing one. An example filename is displayed.

When all folders are set or all files are chosen, press 'START ANONYMIZING' to start anonymizing. The text
in the button will also show if you are anonymizing folders or files. It's one or the other, a combination
of folders and files is not allowed.
When anonymizing folders, the first step is searching the folder (and if set, subfolders) for DICOM files.
The anonymization progress is displayed using the message window and the progress bars. Stop the process
any time by clicking the 'STOP' button. Anonymizing the current file will finish before stopping the 
anonymization process.
Click the 'STOP' button 5 times rapidly to force the process to end, terminating the anonymizer. Use this
option as a last resort, do expect error messages and the current file will be corrupt.


'-fo'    Source folder to search for DICOM files. Must be followed by folder name
'-fd'    Destination folder. If not specified, anonymized files are stored in the folder of the source files.
         Must be followed by folder name
'-wc'    Wildcard, cannot be changed in the user interface. Must be followed by wildcard. Default '*.*'
'-fi'    Single DICOM file. Must be followed by filename
'-sf'    Search subfolders
'-pid'   Patient ID. Must be followed by a patient ID. Use double quotes if it holds spaces.
         Will replace the patient ID of all files to be anonymized (pseudonymization)
'-uid'   UID. Replace UIDs and preserve SOP instance references. Overrides registry settings
'-pt'    Private tags. Delete or clear private tags. Overrides registry settings
'-ct'    Curve tags. Delete or clear curve tags. Overrides registry settings
'-as'    String to append to new filename. Must be followed by a string. Overrides registry settings.
         Default '_anon'
'-asb'   Insert string to begin of new filename. Overrides registry settings
'-ase'   Insert string to end of new filename. Overrides registry settings
'-ork'   Registry key to store settings. Must be followed by a registry key.
         Default 'Software\Rubo Medical\DICOM Anonymizer'. Root is fixed to 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER'
'-fuid'  Replacement UID file. Stores original and replacement UIDs. Must be followed by a filename.
         Default 'My Documents\DICOMAnonymizer\ReplaceUIDs.ini'
'-quit'  Quit when finished anonymizing


  DICOMAnonymizer.exe -fo "C:\DICOM\Source folder" -fd "C:\Destination folder" -wc "*.dcm" -sf -quit
  DICOMAnonymizer.exe -fi "C:\DICOM\1.dcm" -fi "C:\DICOM\2.dcm" -quit
  DICOMAnonymizer.exe -fi "C:\DICOM\1.dcm" -fd "C:\DestinationFolder" -pid "NewID" -quit
  DICOMAnonymizer.exe -fi "C:\DICOM\1.dcm" -pid "NewID" -uid -pt -ct -as "_anony" -quit
  DICOMAnonymizer.exe -ork "Software\Rubo Medical\ThisRegistryKey"
  DICOMAnonymizer.exe -fuid "D:\My Folder\StudyXXXReplacementUIDs.ini"


A DICOM header holds all sorts of data, strings, numbers, binary data etc. See below which tags are anonymized
and how their values are cleared.

-TAGS holding UIDs:
  All numbers in a UIDs are replaced by random numbers and the original and replacement UIDs are stored in
   the replacement UID file. This maintains SOP instance references between DICOM files.
  Unless 'ReplaceUIDs' is set, the following DICOM Tags with UIDs are explicitly NOT anonymized; this
   to maintain SOP instance reference:
    [0008,0018] SOP Instance UID
    [0008,1155] Referenced SOP Instance UID
    [0020,000D] Study Instance UID
    [0020,000E] Series Instance UID
-TAGS holding strings, all characters are replaced by spaces or '0's.
-TAGS holding integers, all numbers are set to 0.
-TAGS holding data, all binary values are set to 0x00.
-TAGS holding dates, all values are set to 19700000.
-TAGS holding times, all times are set to 000000.
-TAGS may also be removed.

The following DICOM Tags are anonymized or removed:

[0008,0001] Length to End
[0008,0014] Instance Creator UID
[0008,0015] Instance Coercion DateTime
[0008,0018] SOP Instance UID. Option 'Replace UID' must be set.
[0008,0020] Study Date
[0008,0021] Series Date
[0008,0022] Acquisition Date
[0008,0023] Content Date
[0008,0024] Overlay Date
[0008,0025] Curve Date
[0008,002A] Acquisition DateTime
[0008,0030] Study Time
[0008,0031] Series Time
[0008,0032] Acquisition Time
[0008,0033] Content Time
[0008,0034] Overlay Time
[0008,0035] Curve Time
[0008,0050] Accession Number
[0008,0058] Failed SOP Instance UID List
[0008,0080] Institution Name
[0008,0081] Institution Address
[0008,0082] Institution Code Sequence
[0008,0090] Referring Physician's Name
[0008,0092] Referring Physician's Address
[0008,0094] Referring Physician's Telephone Numbers
[0008,0096] Referring Physician Identification Sequence
[0008,009C] Consulting Physician's Name
[0008,009D] Consulting Physician Identification Sequence
[0008,0201] Timezone Offset From UTC
[0008,1010] Station Name
[0008,1030] Study Description
[0008,103E] Series Description
[0008,1040] Institutional Department Name
[0008,1041] Institutional Department Type Code Sequence
[0008,1048] Physician(s) of Record
[0008,1049] Physician(s) of Record Identification Sequence
[0008,1050] Performing Physician's Name
[0008,1052] Performing Physician Identification Sequence
[0008,1060] Name of Physician(s) Reading Study
[0008,1062] Physician(s) Reading Study Identification Sequence
[0008,1070] Operators' Name
[0008,1072] Operator Identification Sequence
[0008,1080] Admitting Diagnoses Description
[0008,1084] Admitting Diagnoses Code Sequence
[0008,1110] Referenced Study Sequence
[0008,1120] Referenced Patient Sequence
[0008,1155] Referenced SOP Instance UID. Option 'Replace UID' must be set.
[0008,1195] Transaction UID
[0008,2111] Derivation Description
[0008,3010] Irradiation Event UID
[0008,4000] Identifying Comments
[0010,0010] Patient's Name
[0010,0020] Patient ID
[0010,0021] Issuer of Patient ID
[0010,0030] Patient's Birth Date
[0010,0032] Patient's Birth Time
[0010,0040] Patient's Sex
[0010,0050] Patient's Insurance Plan Code Sequence
[0010,0101] Patient's Primary Language Code Sequence
[0010,0102] Patient's Primary Language Modifier Code Sequence
[0010,1000] Other Patient IDs
[0010,1001] Other Patient Names
[0010,1002] Other Patient IDs Sequence
[0010,1005] Patient's Birth Name
[0010,1010] Patient's Age
[0010,1020] Patient's Size
[0010,1030] Patient's Weight
[0010,1040] Patient's Address
[0010,1050] Insurance Plan Identification
[0010,1060] Patient's Mother's Birth Name
[0010,1080] Military Rank
[0010,1081] Branch of Service
[0010,1090] Medical Record Locator
[0010,1100] Referenced Patient Photo Sequence
[0010,2000] Medical Alerts
[0010,2110] Allergies
[0010,2150] Country of Residence
[0010,2152] Region of Residence
[0010,2154] Patient's Telephone Numbers
[0010,2155] Patient's Telecom Information
[0010,2160] Ethnic Group
[0010,2180] Occupation
[0010,21A0] Smoking Status
[0010,21B0] Additional Patient History
[0010,21C0] Pregnancy Status
[0010,21D0] Last Menstrual Date
[0010,21F0] Patient's Religious Preference
[0010,2203] Patient's Sex Neutered
[0010,2297] Responsible Person
[0010,2299] Responsible Organization
[0010,4000] Patient Comments
[0012,0010] Clinical Trial Sponsor Name
[0012,0020] Clinical Trial Protocol ID
[0012,0021] Clinical Trial Protocol Name
[0012,0030] Clinical Trial Site ID
[0012,0031] Clinical Trial Site Name
[0012,0040] Clinical Trial Subject ID
[0012,0042] Clinical Trial Subject Reading ID
[0012,0050] Clinical Trial Time Point ID
[0012,0051] Clinical Trial Time Point Description
[0012,0060] Clinical Trial Coordinating Center Name
[0012,0071] Clinical Trial Series ID
[0012,0072] Clinical Trial Series Description
[0012,0081] Clinical Trial Protocol Ethics Committee Name
[0012,0082] Clinical Trial Protocol Ethics Committee Approval Number
[0016,002B] Maker Note
[0016,004B] Device Setting Description
[0016,004D] Camera Owner Name
[0016,004E] Lens Specification
[0016,004F] Lens Make
[0016,0050] Lens Model
[0016,0051] Lens Serial Number
[0016,0070] GPS Version ID
[0016,0071] GPS Latitude Ref
[0016,0072] GPS Latitude
[0016,0073] GPS Longitude Ref
[0016,0074] GPS Longitude
[0016,0075] GPS Altitude Ref
[0016,0076] GPS Altitude
[0016,0077] GPS Time Stamp
[0016,0078] GPS Satellites
[0016,0079] GPS Status
[0016,007A] GPS Measure Mode
[0016,007B] GPS DOP
[0016,007C] GPS Speed Ref
[0016,007D] GPS Speed
[0016,007E] GPS Track Ref
[0016,007F] GPS Track
[0016,0080] GPS Img Direction Ref
[0016,0081] GPS Img Direction
[0016,0082] GPS Map Datum
[0016,0083] GPS Dest Latitude Ref
[0016,0084] GPS Dest Latitude
[0016,0085] GPS Dest Longitude Ref
[0016,0086] GPS Dest Longitude
[0016,0087] GPS Dest Bearing Ref
[0016,0088] GPS Dest Bearing
[0016,0089] GPS Dest Distance Ref
[0016,008A] GPS Dest Distance
[0016,008B] GPS Processing Method
[0016,008C] GPS Area Information
[0016,008D] GPS Date Stamp
[0016,008E] GPS Differential
[0018,0010] Contrast/Bolus Agent
[0018,1000] Device Serial Number
[0018,1002] Device UID
[0018,1004] Plate ID
[0018,1005] Generator ID
[0018,1007] Cassette ID
[0018,1008] Gantry ID
[0018,1009] Unique Device Identifier
[0018,100A] UDI Sequence
[0018,100B] Manufacturer's Device Class UID
[0018,1030] Protocol Name
[0018,1400] Acquisition Device Processing Description
[0018,2042] Target UID
[0018,4000] Acquisition Comments
[0018,700A] Detector ID
[0018,9185] Respiratory Motion Compensation Technique Description
[0018,9367] X-Ray Source ID
[0018,9369] Source Start DateTime
[0018,936A] Source End DateTime
[0018,9371] X-Ray Detector ID
[0018,9373] X-Ray Detector Label
[0018,937B] Multi-energy Acquisition Description
[0018,937F] Decomposition Description
[0018,9424] Acquisition Protocol Description
[0018,9516] Start Acquisition DateTime
[0018,9517] End Acquisition DateTime
[0018,A003] Contribution Description
[0020,000D] Study Instance UID. Option 'Replace UID' must be set.
[0020,000E] Series Instance UID. Option 'Replace UID' must be set.
[0020,0010] Study ID
[0020,0052] Frame of Reference UID. Option 'Replace UID' must be set.
[0020,0200] Synchronization Frame of Reference UID
[0020,3401] Modifying Device ID
[0020,3406] Modified Image Description
[0020,4000] Image Comments
[0020,9158] Frame Comments
[0020,9161] Concatenation UID
[0020,9164] Dimension Organization UID
[0028,1214] Large Palette Color Lookup Table UID
[0028,4000] Image Presentation Comments
[0032,0012] Study ID Issuer
[0032,1020] Scheduled Study Location
[0032,1021] Scheduled Study Location AE Title
[0032,1030] Reason for Study
[0032,1032] Requesting Physician
[0032,1033] Requesting Service
[0032,1060] Requested Procedure Description
[0032,1066] Reason for Visit
[0032,1067] Reason for Visit Code Sequence
[0032,1070] Requested Contrast Agent
[0032,4000] Study Comments
[0034,0001] Flow Identifier Sequence
[0034,0002] Flow Identifier
[0034,0005] Source Identifier
[0034,0007] Frame Origin Timestamp
[0038,0004] Referenced Patient Alias Sequence
[0038,0010] Admission ID
[0038,0011] Issuer of Admission ID
[0038,0014] Issuer of Admission ID Sequence
[0038,001E] Scheduled Patient Institution Residence
[0038,0020] Admitting Date
[0038,0021] Admitting Time
[0038,0040] Discharge Diagnosis Description
[0038,0050] Special Needs
[0038,0060] Service Episode ID
[0038,0061] Issuer of Service Episode ID
[0038,0062] Service Episode Description
[0038,0064] Issuer of Service Episode ID Sequence
[0038,0300] Current Patient Location
[0038,0400] Patient's Institution Residence
[0038,0500] Patient State
[0038,4000] Visit Comments
[0040,0001] Scheduled Station AE Title
[0040,0002] Scheduled Procedure Step Start Date
[0040,0003] Scheduled Procedure Step Start Time
[0040,0004] Scheduled Procedure Step End Date
[0040,0005] Scheduled Procedure Step End Time
[0040,0006] Scheduled Performing Physician's Name
[0040,0007] Scheduled Procedure Step Description
[0040,000B] Scheduled Performing Physician Identification Sequence
[0040,0010] Scheduled Station Name
[0040,0011] Scheduled Procedure Step Location
[0040,0012] Pre-Medication
[0040,0241] Performed Station AE Title
[0040,0242] Performed Station Name
[0040,0243] Performed Location
[0040,0244] Performed Procedure Step Start Date
[0040,0245] Performed Procedure Step Start Time
[0040,0250] Performed Procedure Step End Date
[0040,0251] Performed Procedure Step End Time
[0040,0253] Performed Procedure Step ID
[0040,0254] Performed Procedure Step Description
[0040,0275] Request Attributes Sequence
[0040,0280] Comments on the Performed Procedure Step
[0040,050A] Specimen Accession Number
[0040,0512] Container Identifier
[0040,0513] Issuer of the Container Identifier Sequence
[0040,051A] Container Description
[0040,0551] Specimen Identifier
[0040,0554] Specimen UID
[0040,0555] Acquisition Context Sequence
[0040,0562] Issuer of the Specimen Identifier Sequence
[0040,0600] Specimen Short Description
[0040,0602] Specimen Detailed Description
[0040,0610] Specimen Preparation Sequence
[0040,06FA] Slide Identifier
[0040,1001] Requested Procedure ID
[0040,1002] Reason for the Requested Procedure
[0040,1004] Patient Transport Arrangements
[0040,1005] Requested Procedure Location
[0040,100A] Reason for Requested Procedure Code Sequence
[0040,1010] Names of Intended Recipients of Results
[0040,1011] Intended Recipients of Results Identification Sequence
[0040,1101] Person Identification Code Sequence
[0040,1102] Person's Address
[0040,1103] Person's Telephone Numbers
[0040,1104] Person's Telecom Information
[0040,1400] Requested Procedure Comments
[0040,2001] Reason for the Imaging Service Request
[0040,2008] Order Entered By
[0040,2009] Order Enterer's Location
[0040,2010] Order Callback Phone Number
[0040,2011] Order Callback Telecom Information
[0040,2016] Placer Order Number / Imaging Service Request
[0040,2017] Filler Order Number / Imaging Service Request
[0040,2400] Imaging Service Request Comments
[0040,3001] Confidentiality Constraint on Patient Data Description
[0040,4005] Scheduled Procedure Step Start DateTime
[0040,4008] Scheduled Procedure Step Expiration DateTime
[0040,4010] Scheduled Procedure Step Modification DateTime
[0040,4011] Expected Completion DateTime
[0040,4023] Referenced General Purpose Scheduled Procedure Step Transaction UID
[0040,4025] Scheduled Station Name Code Sequence
[0040,4027] Scheduled Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
[0040,4028] Performed Station Name Code Sequence
[0040,4030] Performed Station Geographic Location Code Sequence
[0040,4034] Scheduled Human Performers Sequence
[0040,4035] Actual Human Performers Sequence
[0040,4036] Human Performer's Organization
[0040,4037] Human Performer's Name
[0040,4050] Performed Procedure Step Start DateTime
[0040,4051] Performed Procedure Step End DateTime
[0040,4052] Procedure Step Cancellation DateTime
[0040,A027] Verifying Organization
[0040,A073] Verifying Observer Sequence
[0040,A075] Verifying Observer Name
[0040,A078] Author Observer Sequence
[0040,A07A] Participant Sequence
[0040,A07C] Custodial Organization Sequence
[0040,A088] Verifying Observer Identification Code Sequence
[0040,A123] Person Name
[0040,A124] UID
[0040,A171] Observation UID
[0040,A172] Referenced Observation UID (Trial)
[0040,A192] Observation Date (Trial)
[0040,A193] Observation Time (Trial)
[0040,A307] Current Observer (Trial)
[0040,A352] Verbal Source (Trial)
[0040,A353] Address (Trial)
[0040,A354] Telephone Number (Trial)
[0040,A358] Verbal Source Identifier Code Sequence (Trial)
[0040,A402] Observation Subject UID (Trial)
[0040,A730] Content Sequence
[0040,DB0C] Template Extension Organization UID
[0040,DB0D] Template Extension Creator UID
[0050,001B] Container Component ID
[0050,0020] Device Description
[0050,0021] Long Device Description
[0070,0001] Graphic Annotation Sequence
[0070,0084] Content Creator's Name
[0070,0086] Content Creator's Identification Code Sequence
[0070,031A] Fiducial UID
[0070,1101] Presentation Display Collection UID
[0070,1102] Presentation Sequence Collection UID
[0088,0140] Storage Media File-set UID
[0088,0200] Icon Image Sequence
[0088,0904] Topic Title
[0088,0906] Topic Subject
[0088,0910] Topic Author
[0088,0912] Topic Keywords
[0400,0100] Digital Signature UID
[0400,0402] Referenced Digital Signature Sequence
[0400,0403] Referenced SOP Instance MAC Sequence
[0400,0404] MAC
[0400,0550] Modified Attributes Sequence
[0400,0561] Original Attributes Sequence
[0400,0600] Instance Origin Status
[2200,0002] Label Text
[2200,0005] Barcode Value
[3006,0024] Referenced Frame of Reference UID
[3006,00C2] Related Frame of Reference UID
[3008,0054] First Treatment Date
[3008,0056] Most Recent Treatment Date
[3008,0105] Source Serial Number
[3008,0250] Treatment Date
[3008,0251] Treatment Time
[300A,0002] RT Plan Label
[300A,0003] RT Plan Name
[300A,0004] RT Plan Description
[300A,0006] RT Plan Date
[300A,0007] RT Plan Time
[300A,000E] Prescription Description
[300A,0013] Dose Reference UID
[300A,0016] Dose Reference Description
[300A,0072] Fraction Group Description
[300A,0083] Referenced Dose Reference UID
[300A,00B2] Treatment Machine Name
[300A,00C3] Beam Description
[300A,00DD] Bolus Description
[300A,0196] Fixation Device Description
[300A,01A6] Shielding Device Description
[300A,01B2] Setup Technique Description
[300A,0216] Source Manufacturer
[300A,02EB] Compensator Description
[300A,0608] Treatment Position Group Label
[300A,0609] Treatment Position Group UID
[300A,0611] RT Accessory Holder Slot ID
[300A,0615] RT Accessory Device Slot ID
[300A,0619] Radiation Dose Identification Label
[300A,0623] Radiation Dose In-Vivo Measurement Label
[300A,062A] RT Tolerance Set Label
[300A,0650] Patient Setup UID
[300A,0676] Equipment Frame of Reference Description
[300A,067C] Radiation GenerationMode Label
[300A,067D] Radiation GenerationMode Description
[300C,0113] Reason for Omission Description
[300E,0008] Reviewer Name
[3010,0006] Conceptual Volume UID
[3010,000B] Referenced Conceptual Volume UID
[3010,000F] Conceptual Volume Combination Description
[3010,0013] Constituent Conceptual Volume UID
[3010,0015] Source Conceptual Volume UID
[3010,0017] Conceptual Volume Description
[3010,001B] Device Alternate Identifier
[3010,002D] Device Label
[3010,0031] Referenced Fiducials UID
[3010,0033] User Content Label
[3010,0034] User Content Long Label
[3010,0035] Entity Label
[3010,0036] Entity Name
[3010,0037] Entity Description
[3010,0038] Entity Long Label
[3010,003B] RT Treatment Phase UID
[3010,0043] Manufacturer's Device Identifier
[3010,004C] Intended Phase Start Date
[3010,004D] Intended Phase End Date
[3010,0054] RT Prescription Label
[3010,0056] RT Treatment Approach Label
[3010,005A] RT Physician Intent Narrative
[3010,005C] Reason for Superseding
[3010,0061] Prior Treatment Dose Description
[3010,006E] Dosimetric Objective UID
[3010,006F] Referenced Dosimetric Objective UID
[3010,0077] Treatment Site
[3010,007A] Treatment Technique Notes
[3010,007B] Prescription Notes
[3010,007F] Fractionation Notes
[3010,0081] Prescription Notes Sequence
[4000,0010] Arbitrary
[4000,4000] Text Comments
[4008,0042] Results ID Issuer
[4008,0102] Interpretation Recorder
[4008,010A] Interpretation Transcriber
[4008,010B] Interpretation Text
[4008,010C] Interpretation Author
[4008,0111] Interpretation Approver Sequence
[4008,0114] Physician Approving Interpretation
[4008,0115] Interpretation Diagnosis Description
[4008,0118] Results Distribution List Sequence
[4008,0119] Distribution Name
[4008,011A] Distribution Address
[4008,0202] Interpretation ID Issuer
[4008,0300] Impressions
[4008,4000] Results Comments
[50xx,xxxx] Curve tags. Option 'Clear curve data' must be set.
[60xx,xxxx] Overlay tags
[FFFA,FFFA] Digital Signatures Sequence
[FFFC,FFFC] Data Set Trailing Padding