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The Rubo DICOM Viewer is a professional viewer of DICOM data stored according to the DICOM standard, allowing you to bring medical images to your own PC. The software runs on any Windows computer and, when connected to a network or internet, is a very powerful tool for DICOM image and film (re-)viewing.

The package includes:
  • DICOM viewer
  • IVUS longitudinal viewer
  • Waveform viewer
  • DICOM CD burner
  • DICOM anonymizer
  • DICOM header parser
  • DICOM communication tool

  • PC based, Windows® XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Supports DICOM 3.0
  • Supports all DICOM modalities, lossy and lossless Jpeg and RLE compression
  • Reads DICOM CDs from any manufacturer
  • Use in combination with any PACS
  • DICOM SCP, receive mode
  • DICOM push/send
  • DICOM query and retrieve
  • Overview display of CD, harddisk, USB or network contents
  • Able to handle large cardiac (1000+ images) runs, IVUS files (4000+ images) etc.
  • Multipatient functionality
  • Can be used within patient databases from any hospital, integrating the software with existing systems or used as stand-alone viewer
  • IVUS longitudinal viewer
  • Waveform viewer including data analysis
  • Burn DICOM CDs including a CD viewer
  • DICOM header anonymization
  • Anonymize image data drawing scramble-blocks
  • View the DICOM header with the DICOM header parser
  • Select and store image(s) for third party analysis software
  • Single- and dual monitor support
  • Parallel viewing of runs and/or images
  • Export of images to clipboard, bitmap, tiff, jpeg, jpeg2000, raw, DICOM or WMV
  • Scene cutting for optimal timing and database cleanup
  • Ideal for teleconsulting, send images or scene to other viewers
  • Cut DICOM scenes or waveforms shorter
  • Copy data to clipboard
  • Biplane display
  • Stack viewing
  • Brightness/contrast control
  • Real-time image enhancement
  • Zooming, panning, cropping
  • Distance and area measurement
  • Angle measurements, including Cobbs angle
  • Calibration tool
  • Histogram display
  • Apply various color palettes (f.e. hot iron, PET, hot metal blue, etc.)
  • Display of overlays, curves and ROI's
  • Printing images
  • Screen-fit to display large images (f.e. thorax)
  • Auto-stretch for optimal dynamic publishing and viewing
  • Mouse controlled, no keyboard needed
  • On-line help

Download the free demo of the DICOM Viewer.
Download the free DICOM parser.
Download the free DICOM anonymizer.