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We offer 2 types of licenses: a single or a network/floating license.

A single license includes a USB hardware key for each license. It must be connected to your PC at all times to use the DICOM viewer.
The advantage of a single license is that you can travel with it. The disadvantage is that the viewer only runs on the PC in which the USB key is plugged in.

A network/floating license includes a single USB hardware key which must be plugged in to a server or a PC running 24/7. This machine handles all startup requests from clients and allows as many simultaneous users as are programmed on the USB key.
The advantage of a network/floating license is that all users connected to your network have access to the DICOM viewer but only the number of licenses bought can use the viewer at the same time. The disadvantage of network/floating license is that you have to be connected to your network.

A license of our DICOM viewer includes:
  • a CD, self installable
  • a USB hardware key
  • free shipping
  • free updates via internet
  • online manual

Single licence:  € 750

Network/Floating licences:
5 users€ 3.000
10 users€ 4.500
20 users€ 7.500
50 users€ 15.000
Unlimited users      Contact us

No extra fees for updates! Updates are included in the price

Hardware key
The viewer will be shipped with a USB hardware key.

Educational institutions
We give discounts to educational institutions, please contact us.

We accept bank-to-bank wire transfer, company cheques, bitcoins , PayPal and Visa or MasterCard.

Deliveries within the European Community are subject to 21% tax, unless you provide us with a VAT number. No tax will be charged to deliveries outside the European Community.

Order software
Contact us here to request an order form.

We support the blockchain technology and accept bitcoins or other digital currencies as payment. Please contact us.