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The DICOM Viewer and DICOM Anonymizer are protected by a license linked to the hardware signature of your computer or server.

At first start, a limited 7-day license is created and a registration window pops up. Fill out the registration fields and click 'Register' to receive a free 7-day license without limitations. Our license server will send an Activation Key to your email address. Enter this Key in the registration / activation window and activate your free 7-day license. An internet connection is required.

Upgrade your free 7-day license via the menu of the software:
'Help' -> 'License' -> 'Buy/Upgrade'. Payment via PayPal ensures an automatic upgrade of your license.
Do you require a different payment method? Please contact us via email to receive a Payment-Link. The license is upgraded when payment is received.

Click here for a detailed explanation how to register and activate a license of the DICOM Viewer.
Click here for the DICOM Anonymizer license explanation.

DICOM Viewer single license upgrades:
  30  DAYS upgrade:          € 39
  90  DAYS upgrade:          € 79
  365 DAYS upgrade:          €159
  UNLIMITED DAYS upgrade:    €319
  USB Hardware key:          €419
  UNLIMITED to USB upgrade:  €119

DICOM Viewer network/floating license:
  1 concurrent user:        € 419
  5 concurrent users:       €1649
  10 concurrent users:      €2899
  License roaming:            +10%

DICOM Anonymizer license upgrade:
  UNLIMITED DAYS upgrade:     €39

-All prices excl. 21% VAT. Are you VAT exempt? Please contact us.
-A license is linked to the hardware signature of your computer/server.
-30 or 90-days single licenses cannot be transferred to a different computer.
-All licenses include support and all modules.
-License roaming checks out a license from the network/floating-pool to the users' computer for a specific period of time. This allows the user to run the application off-line.